Andy Volykhov (andy_racing) wrote,
Andy Volykhov


Навеяно одним из форумов Википедии...
Такая вот статья: - Wikipedia blocks 'disruptive' page edits from US Congress

Пассаж в конце:
On Thursday, the IP address was blocked for 10 days, but one staffer protested that they were being punished for the actions of a few. "Out of over 9,000 staffers in the House, should we really be banning this whole IP range based on the actions of two or three? "Some of us here are just making grammatical edits, adding information about birds in Omsk, or showing how one can patch KDE2 under FreeBSD."

Внимание, вопрос: откуда в конгрессе США знают русскоязычные мемы?

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